Detailed here are some of the Fixodent side effects and switching to Fixodent zinc-free reviews helpful enough to strengthen Fixodent lawsuits. As there were already multiple studies that showed the link between denture creams with zinc and neurological disease or blood disorders, it would not be healthy for your lawsuit to be silent about the issue. You should know the possible side effects and how to recover or reverse the damage.

There are two most common Fixodent side effects that were already proven by certain studies. These are the neurological disease or malfunction of your nerve system and a blood disorder. Fixodent zinc was associated in these two common ailments because of too much zinc consumption that most users have mistakenly realized. Zinc, as we all know is important in our body, but if we consumed large amounts of zinc contained in a certain product, it lessens copper levels in our body which are responsible for a healthy nervous system. This is popularly known as “hyperzincemia”.

Yes, it has a high contribution if you will be switching to a Fixodent zinc-free product. However, it does not guarantee you to reverse the damage done already by a denture cream with zinc. The good news is that, it restores healthy blood composition and your zinc blood levels will go back to its normal flow.

Listed here are some examples of denture creams WITHOUT zinc. These can stabilize Poligrip or Fixodent side effects through copper supplementation and reducing of zinc intake.
  • Effergrip
  • Cushion Grip
  • Secure Denture Bonding Cream
  • Secure Denture Adhesive Strips
  • Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Wafers
What you need to do now is to establish a good foundation to have a better-quality Fixodent lawsuit. The first step would be to undergo a medical testing, and this must be applied once you stop using denture cream zinc. Failure to prove that you have gained higher zinc levels would mean the loss of very important evidence. You may discuss it to a legal expert to help you explore more potential claims against the product maker by contacting a law firm that offers case review at no cost for your Fixodent lawsuits.

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