While Fixodent lawsuit pretrial litigation is fast approaching, the question remains on the issue of whether the medical classifications of denture creams are pro or anti Fixodent lawsuit. The Food and Drug Administration has an important role in regulating consumer products that were sent to the market. Legally, manufacturers have responsibilities to understand any potential risks their product has, including the anticipation of product misuse and provide enough warning information to the public.

It is noteworthy to say that despite of the hundreds of complainants seeking Poligrip or Fixodent lawsuit, denture cream producers are in compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The thought itself will pull us back to the question whether or not P&G and GSK can be held responsible regardless of the non-violent acts they made under FDA’s guidelines.

Denture creams are classified as Class I medical device. Belonging to that class means least risk of injury and requires no safety testing or list product ingredients. However, they gained this credit 30 years ago already when denture adhesives contain no zinc ingredients way back 1990’s. Turning back, the main cause of the issue with P&G and GSK was the failure to place zinc in their product label as well as proper warning to the public. Further, backed with reliable studies, that explains the relevance of denture creams and zinc to the development of nerve damage, blood problems and other related health diseases.

However, despite of what had happened, FDA remains unresponsive to the issue. When Dr. Jeff Shuren of FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health was asked, he said that, they’re going one better. They claimed that FDA and manufacturers are working together to replace the zinc products and some companies were already done with it. It appears that his statement will only tolerate those denture makers to continue their compliance with the FDA. It’s close to say that upgrading is not expected to happen. With that, it only creates doubt to injured people whether to seek for a legal action.

To think, those are already big companies. Those companies should have exerted efforts to stop the growing numbers of injured people instead of taking advantage and sticking to FDA’s assigned compliance. It’s pretty sure that they knew the risks of zinc consumption. Learn more on how to file Fixodent lawsuit and stay updated with the current happenings related to denture creams by hitting the links provided.

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